Word Scramble

Word Scramble game is a popular intellectual entertainment that not only engages the mind and time but also contributes to the development of various skills such as creativity, associative thinking, and logic. It allows participants to improve their lexical literacy, learn new words, and explore different letter combinations.

Word Scramble game requires participants to find new words using the letters that make up the original word. The goal of the game is to create as many words as possible using the given set of letters.

This game also helps expand vocabulary and enrich language. Players may encounter new words that they have not used or known before.

Game Rules

1. Game Objective: Create a certain number of words using the letters that make up the original word to pass the level.

2. Levels: The game consists of multiple levels that are unlocked sequentially. Each subsequent level is more challenging than the previous one.

3. Word Count Indicator: The top part of the screen displays an indicator showing the number of words that need to be formed to complete the current level.

4. Letter Selection: To form a word, you need to select the letters by clicking on them (or typing them using the keyboard). Letters can be chosen in any order.

5. Word Formation: The selected letters are displayed on the screen and assembled into a word. To reset the selected word, you can click on any already selected letter.

6. Word Verification: When a word is considered complete, you can click on the checkmark located to the right of the entered word to verify it. If the word is valid and does not match the level`s original word, it will be accepted.

7. Error Messages: If a word cannot be formed from the available letters or if it already exists in the word list, an appropriate error message will appear.

8. Level Completion: To proceed to the next level, you need to create all the required number of words for the current level. Afterward, you can click on the arrow located at the top of the page to move to the next level.

Good luck in word formation!